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Welcome to New Day Psychology,                        

Change happens each and every day, whether we like it or not. While we may not choose what happens to us in life, we can choose how we handle it. Our thoughts, behaviors, and actions play an integral part in our own personal happiness. Therapy is a step of courage as well as a great commitment to yourself and those around you. I am  honored to work with each person that allows me to walk alongside them on this process. A successful life change in therapy is done through confidential connection and collaboration, trust, respect, honest feedback and support. Together, we aim to find solutions that work for each client and their individual needs via creative strategies, the latest research, and personal discovery.

I provide professional, non-judgemental support to  adolescents, adults and couples working to overcome a broad range of challenges from marital problems, work, chronic medical conditions, unemployment, family stress and longstanding personal obstacles to managing daily stress, anxiety, self esteem, depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder and Asperger’s.

In addition, I specialize and certified in Behavioral Health (UMASS) and support clients who live with chronic medical issues such as chronic pain, cardiac disease, diabetes and others. I use scientifically tested techniques to bring an end to emotional pain and increase coping skills and other helpful behaviors.
I also work with a network of other healthcare professionals for those needing referrals or references to additional medical or health related options.

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Vered Dor Psy.D.

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